Steam Turbine Services

Steam Turbine Service

We are having commending experience in servicing of all kinds of Steam Turbines e.g. Back pressure, condensing, extraction condensing etc. We have successfully carried out refurbishing, erection commissioning of Maxwatt, Triveni, Bellies, Kirloskar Turbines, we assure you of prompt and reliable services at all times. Erection, Commissioning, Overhauling, Annual Maintenance etc.

Services offered :

  • Inspections at site: bearings, valves, regulatory systems, etc.;
  • Overhauling services: major overhaul of turbine, blast cleaning, NDT, adjustments;
  • Alignment of shaft and alignment of turbine internal components;
  • Oil analysis and oil filtration;;
  • Minor inspection of turbo generator set (bearings, inspection, etc.);
  • Major overhaul of turbo generator set: removal of rotor, recalibration;
  • Inspection of auxiliary equipment (HPU, lubrication units, coolers, check valves, etc.);
  • Replacement of thermal blankets;
  • Supply of spare parts, (servo cylinder piston shaft, governer drive shaft, Journal Bearing, Thrust Bearing, joints, sensors, etc.);
  • Calibration of equipment-related instrumentation;